Play Bigger Than a Coffee Shop Part 1

Darnesha Weary and her husband Erwin opened Black Coffee NW in the predominantly white neighborhood of Shoreline to create a space for coffee and conversation.

Play From Bee to Table

Master beekeeper Kathy Cox can’t imagine a world without bees. Our diets would consist of grains, meats and dairy without nature’s perfect pollinator: bees.

Play Food justice and Indian street food unite

Uttam Mukherjee and Aakanksha Sinha’s restaurant Spice Waala, focused on street food from Delhi, allows the couple to showcase Indian food in an authentic manner while advancing their passion for food justice.

Play Growing for Healing

Nyema Clark’s Nurturing Roots farm builds community and connection with the land in a neighborhood where gentrification creates a barrier for owning green space.

Play Eleven crazy ideas in one 70-year-old restaurant

The Canlis brothers have thrown everything at the wall to pivot their fine dining establishment from a white table cloth establishment to a drive-thru bagel shop, burger joint, crab shack and even community college.

Play Feed the beach

How nonprofit WA BLOC addressed food insecurity in Rainier Beach and connected BIPOC restaurant owners with their own community.

Play Reimagining a restaurant

The pandemic drew restaurant owner and chef Wes Yoo to the food that brought him comfort. He found himself shopping for, eating and cooking the Korean food that he grew up with.

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