Play This Changes Everything

Starla Sampaco speaks to reporter David Kroman and producer Sara Bernard about the second season of This Changes Everything.

Play Northwest Escapes

Starla Sampaco speaks to Crosscut’s Science & the Environment editor Ted Alvarez and Director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, Harold Tobin about the new podcast Crosscut Escapes.

Play Senior Year Was Crazy

Starla Sampaco speaks with producer Jen Dev and Jacquelyn Jimenez Romero, the subject of the recent documentary Senior Year Was Crazy. They talk through how Jackie is doing at college and the process of documenting someone’s life from a distance. Additionally, they discuss the barriers often faced by immigrant families and the larger struggles that they are dealing with during the pandemic.

Play Election Day 2020 Preview

Starla Sampaco speaks to Crosscut Associate Opinion Editor Mason Bryan and Crosscut Editor-at-Large Knute Berger about the complexities of red and blue inclinations in Washington and journalism’s role in reconciling the political divide in the state.

Play Law & Order

Starla Sampaco speaks to Crosscut News & Politics Editor Donna Blankinship and Crosscut reporter David Kroman about the results of the most recent Crosscut-Elway poll focused on policing and public safety in the region.

Play Gubernatorial Debate Preview

Starla Sampaco speaks to Crosscut journalist Melissa Santos, one of the four moderators for the Gubernatorial Debate, about the candidates, Governor Jay Inslee and Loren Culp, and what we can expect to witness during the debate.

Play Facing the Fallout

Crosscut journalist Manola Secaira and Crosscut’s News and Politics editor Donna Blankinship speak about the stories that are a part of the new series, Facing the Fallout, which highlight the difficult decisions members of our community have had to make due to the pandemic.

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