If you've hopped on the Sound Transit Link Light Rail at either the SODO or Stadium Station lately, you may have looked out the window and seen vast, abstract shapes of red, yellow, green and blue.
photography by @wiseknave
These are just a few of the bold, cutting-edge murals that greet you as part of a public art project called the SODO Track
4th Ave S. 6th Ave S.
image courtesy of sodotrack.com
The SODO Track has a lofty goal: to transform two miles of street corridors
—32 buildings to be exact — into an art-in-motion experience


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"Most people going through here are already moving on the bus, on the light rail, so that’s kind of their interaction with the art," says Hamilton. "It’s loose enough that people can interpret it however they please."
Artist Gage Hamilton, the brainchild behind the project's vision, describes The SODO Track as a street-art corridor that brings art and motion together.
"We want this to be a kind of international arts destination," says Benzikry. "We want to give local talent the opportunity to work with artists from around the world, to make something that’s specific to this place."
Tamar Benzikry of King County's cultural services agency 4Culture, a funding partner for the project, says the diversity of artists represent the people who travel the corridor every day.
developed by A'Shaun Thomas & Anton Zheng
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