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- Hello, I'm Starla Sampaco in
the Crosscut KCTS 9 newsroom.

The West Seattle
Bridge was closed

because of cracks in
its infrastructure,

which were publicly revealed

the same week as Governor Jay
Inslee's stay-at-home order.

The closure is expected to
last at least through 2021.

Jack Miller, the owner of
Husky Deli & Ice Cream,

hopes to adapt has business

to survive the impacts of
the closure and COVID-19.

Miller has been
paying more attention

to what can be done online.

With the help of his kids,

he's started using social
media more frequently

to promote his deli.

Some business owners worry
about what the bridge's closure

will mean for
commuting customers.

Lora Radford, executive director

of the West Seattle
Junction Association,

says she wants to
encourage remote workers

to lean more intentionally

on businesses
within West Seattle.

Radford said, "There's always
been a sense of community,

"but now it just
looks different."

I'm Starla Sampaco.

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