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I'm Starla Sampaco

in the Crosscut KCTS 9 newsroom.

Artist Monyee Chau
grew up in restaurants.

Her family own Chau's
Seafood Restaurant

in Seattle's

Her work today often pays homage

to her ancestor's
food and traditions.

One ethereal installation is
of sculptured glass dumplings

sitting in a bamboo steamer,
a tribute to her grandmother.

Chau has designed a history
of America's Chinatowns

in the familiar form of
a Chinese takeout menu.

And with much of Chinatown
shutdown by coronavirus,

she's published online
comics about resiliency.

When Chau saw anti-Asian
racist stickers showing up

in Chinatown in the
midst of the epidemic,

she designed a poster with a
message to the neighborhood

to counteract the hateful,
xenophobic messages.

Thanks to Chau and volunteers,

hundreds of her
resiliency posters

have appeared all
over the neighborhood.

Chau wants to give the
neighborhood another reminder

of solidarity and strength.

I'm Starla Sampaco.

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