(lighthearted piano music)

- Right now is the Ramadan.

This is the Holly month.

Some people I don't see
too much, three months,

but like when they
come to the mosque,

we can see we can hear now.

Happy as together
everybody there.

But then now that
everything has stopped

now even my own family
I don't see them.

My sisters they live
here, I don't see them.

All of us we used to eat
maybe 50 of use there,

but right now, you know
each family they have

to stay in their own
house so it's really had.

So we will be
fasting, like 30 days.

All day no what,
no food, nothing.

Sometime we fast 16
hours, but we eat together

and seat together,
we don't feel it.

So you know everybody
is coming together,

we like to seating together,
all different of kind of food.

Again during Ramadan time

we used to go the mosque and
then to the special prayers.

Usually we do like five
times of prayers a day,

but right now because
of the Covid-19

we cannot go to the mosque.

So we cannot see each other.

Some of the people who
depend on the mosques also

they used to go through
mosque, they eat there.

If you don't speak
to the language,

if you don't know the
culture, it's really had.

So many people
they are out work.

They stay home, children
they are not going to school

so sometimes you
can be to emotional

because you don't have anybody.

When I came to this country,
I came as a refugee also

and I feel same
they fee right now.

So that's my number
one this Ramadan

is to help for the other
people who need our help.

Our mission organization
was to help for the refugee

and emigrant families
especially women and children.

But right now we are
helping all the families.

- We are putting together
our Ramadan food basket

and distributing them to
about forty families today.

- Ramadan is really
expensive also.

You have to buy
a lot of the food

and then, like there
are a lot of food

coming out of the country
also (mumbling) food

and really expensive.

Some of them now even
they are not coming.

- Some people won't be
able to get access to the

essential food staples
and just necessities

that they need during Ramadan.

- Some of the like senior
veteran and then as the elderly,

those people firs
are the number one.

They don't speak
to the language,

the don't drive some of them.

I call them I drop
the food right there.

I don't go inside the house
and they can see me out there

and they wave, say, "Okay."

They happy when they
see me out there.

- Hopefully, we'll be
doing a couple more

all the way through to the
end of Ramadan, until Eid.

(chanting foreign language)

- Ramadan is a month
of reflection, of
give back, of growth

and with Covid going on for
anyone, it could be challenging

to kinda stay in tune with
that and we wanted people

to able to take the time
to really enjoy Ramadan

and celebrate it with their
families for what it is.

- I hope everything will
turn same as it before.

To see all my friends
and the families,

to get there and also to
go back to my coworkers

and then we can
celebrate it together

for all the families and
friends and yes, community.

We really need more
support than ever.

We plans everybody, all human
beings, not only Muslim.

All poor we are praying for.

- [Narrator] Comcast,
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our neighbors stay connected.